Strive To Have The Most Productive Experience Possible ~ Always!

I myself, strive… yes I truly “STRIVE” to have the most productive and conducive day … I am charged from the energy and commitment I exude…

The question  for some is the big “HOW?”  before we get into the BIG WOW!?  Some may ask themselves; “Where in the world do I start?”  Well fellow friendzies… for me it starts with the end in mind…  knowing where I want to go & that becomes my focus, whatever it may be… and allowing the Universe to manifest what needs to occur to make it happen.

Starting with our amazing uplifting nonprofit SOIL;  Seeds of Inspirational Living and its journey to establish its vision and structure of foundation thru out the years to become a successful non-profit to bring all cultural heritages in recognition of healthy lifestyles into the new age.

SOIL’s birthing started in a Manoa organic garden, where it launched with a seed of great intention and having great people come together to plant love and valuable  relationships that are more meaningful than words; this is so hard to explain even on this page. The gatherings are so heartfelt and altruistically genuinely spirited. That those who take part see themselves in each others eyes and makes a stand to stand together for a higher purpose than oneself. Knowing “WE” only get better “TOGETHER”.  So please plant your good intentions into good SOIL.  Watch it succeed and exceed your wildest imagination with the right nutrition and encouragement. I cannot explain the importance of communicating and expressing yourself; if not in words but by thought, belief, and action!  For the “I” becomes blessed with the “Imagination & will power of ones actions”.  Life is  an evolving (infra)structure we exist in.  With due diligence and hard work, faith, and discipline… all things are possible.

“May we not piss life away into the wind!”  I again repeat myself because of the dire importance to step back and feel your heart, rather than think your head, where false ego shreds what it truly possible… to first and foremost “know your focus!”  Know your surroundings… BE PRESENT!  Know your place and what you, as an individual light~ bright~ talented~ unique being,  possibly offer in this circle of life. Remember its not just monetary gain; it is the light or stars that shines through your own eyes TRANSCENDENTALLY!  Only you are capable to give the chance to shine & offer the best life for others to take part into and to soon see in this world. Realize how much you are so needed, because you are. Those unique different things that make us who we are, those exact things that will help flourish this path and journey. Take pride for just being you! Whoever you are, just be the best you, you can be!  Whomever is reading this and subscribed, we thank you again and again. I thank you personally, for participating with us in anyway. Make it just a leave in post or a MEGA event coming together. Evolution in Neo-ways of REDEYE imaging life as we see it! Strengthen by the numbers of consciousness tribes coming together for a greater force of our own alone…. Charmane (edited and re-expressed by John)

SOIL: The Conscious~ Eco-Brand




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