This blog goes to all my brothers and sisters. If you know me, I’m all about the SOURCE of LOVE & WISDOM. We as Gods and Goddess, need to acknowledge our power, and also be responsible of our power and not misuse or be foolish towards the focus. The question I have asked myself is how to be in the right relationship with others, within my divinity, within myself as a valued being of light and love? How to be more considerate, more loving, sincere, genuine, and more than anything its important to be our divine selves. First its important to be clear what type of relationship you are in? Keep in mind, that you can only sabotage yourself by culitvating and not weeding out, negitive feelings from ideas that sometimes are put into your head from static is what I call them, interference of worldly conversations, things and of the media. We need to start with the heart, where it grows up to the head, sprouting into infinity. It is so important to stay calm and collected, when trouble arises.  All these little things become big things… but lets keep it positive, keep it simple. In love, I do not agree with holding back in love. How about all the games that people play! Do they have to be that logical and flowful? Truthfully, it does’nt matter if your partner is with someone else. It does’nt matter when it comes from love. When you first fall in love with someone, you dont think of the obstacles, love comes first. You need to realize that when there is fear, it takes courage to do what is right. And dont please your partner because your asking for something in return, but because you want to. People try to over compensate something from the past that has not been given. For myself, I had to aknowledge that I felt unloved and  have not recieved enough attention. Which gives me a chance to change for the better, to offer a great relationship with my children, and my relationships. You and I have your own life, which no one is responsible for your happiness.. Say; and know “I am complete, I am perfect the way I am, natural and strong within my center.”

Here are some great examples I can give you to recite:

“Money comes to Me”

“I am Loving and Faithful, Considerate and Kind to myself and Others.”

“I am a unique blend, with specail gifts.”

“I am super charged with the power to what I chose which is right for the Universe”

“I am protected and guided with a rainbow of love, which bridges me to my goals, desires and dreams.”

“I am Here to Make a Positive Difference I surround myself with”

“I am grateful, and those around me are  grateful for my existence and my relationships I connect with in a deep level of trust.”

“I am the violet flame, calling my partners name, here and now, I am safe and sound, protecting my steps in devotion, I hold up my Crown…”

“I am blessed, and bless others with my smile, my joy and my contributions”

“I am going to have a wonderful day, a wonderful life to share; leaving a legacy of my lifes creation, created for love, not money, for my soul purposeful family…”

“I am strong and decerning and hold my power”

“I am on the road to success.”

“I am pure, clear and cleanse each morning I wake, anew life is given, a new mindset, a larger heart which has grown, a stronger spirit that soars, and dances with the angles..”

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