In its divine time, it will show its light that will soon take place for the seeds of the earth to sprout into the fertile soil of human existence. From words of discernment, it now time to catch up to the maturity, to do what is rightly profound! Which will ripple to its magnetude to greatness in its natural state, which will be most appealing in a personal level of true virtue, and passion easily connecting with others in all levels. It is easy to emote  and give peace of mind, distinguishing the level of negitive or positive words through controling the minds eye to present corectly, in clear communications, objectively,  into each new perfect example we can focus on.

So live a life which is deserving, my conciouosness smacs me with descipline, holding me accountable with the multiple the respect and long life for those who live a walk and a life of righteousness and true contribution. Putting your whole life into perspective! For your life is about the journey and the relationships. Hone in your soul of what it needs. Search what lights your fire. Being alligned with spirit. Bringing more light into your life.

I want to thank you for sharing your effort of love in this journey with us here at REDEYE CONNECTIONS.*

We need to be diliberately let things go that are draining and  create opportunities in your life that will make positive choices that is so worthy of sharing…

Expect the unexpected. Remember your soul has a much better plan for you. Feel joyous and excited about where you are. Leave the guilt and leave what is not serving you. Nurture yourself and give that time you need to take care of yourself and the relationships you love.

Open your hearts,

Charmane Valerio

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