What do you see or think of getting linked with Redeye Connections?

Imagine a ball that is rolling.
This ball can out roll any vehicle; land or sky.
It cannot be slowed by any obstacle, yet it continues to roll, perpetually.
Nothing you have can ever stop it.
The Redeye Revolution has started and now the ball is in full motion.

You can poke it, jump on it, kick it, gas it and even try to blow it up.
You can spit on it, stomp on it, prod it and do your best to destroy it, but it will not let up.
It just continues onward, never ceasing.

It is an amazing sight.
Nothing like we have ever beheld.

It continues to move perpetually, for the ball is in motion.

I, have discovered this perpetual love motion of redeye. It is our creative love we see for each and everyone of us. Some may not be aware or even ready for it. But its here and moving forward, taking leaps of great universal change of events                                                                 for the greater good for all human race. The ideas and plans that are set.

So see, take part and bring yourself out of the dark, into a new illumination of feeling overwelmed with guidance and protection to your passions.

It never stops; it’s faster than we can ever imagine.
It is stronger than anything we’ve ever seen and we don’t even have to maintain it.

Events and our companies reputation will continue on perpetually, in an infinite motion of love, grace, caring, understanding and compassion.

This love is perpetual and it is forever in motion.

The connection through REDEYE, which is being perpetuated is our gift to all of us, our Revolution of Oneness to the world, leaving us breathless and in deep satisfaction once you realize your own story that needs to be told.

Get linked… and connect with a universal love.


Charmane Palpallatoc Valerio

REDEYE LINE: (808) 498-9918


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