We live in a world where styles, trends, opinions of things or even people, come and go. But people who have made an impact that has actually changed the lives of many and not just one.Is a mile stone that needs hardwork, sweat, sometimes even blood and tears to be traveled through, a distination of unworldly implementations of how one can make there reality~ the truth for many. Where others follow. Look at the great historic people who’ve made an impact and their choices, molded our thinking of what is possible and true. For example; Marcus Garvey, Zinga, African Princess, who hid her true identity, and dressed herself as a warrior, to battle in war for her people, exhibiting great strength. Nelson Mandela, who was an Anti-apartheid leader and the very first President of democratic in South Africa. Lord Budddha our Spiritual Teacher, the founder of Buddhism. Leonardo da Vinci, he helped make great advances in anatomy, astrology, phyics, and science of the human-race. Abraham Lincoln, who helped end slavery during the civil war. Joan of Arc, a young, illiterate pleasant gir, whom inspired the Dauphin of France to defeat the English, her prophceies came true after her death. Confucious our chinese philosoper; to Leo Tolstoy, who was famous of his writing adn philosophical ways. Mahatma Gandhi who was a principle figurehead of the Indian independence movement, teaching philosophy of non violence and peace. Nichola Tesa on of my favorites to even Bill Gates himself who has brought the fact that its what you do with yourself not just what you know that matters. Evan Jesus Christ himself proclaimed that his people will do great things more than even himself. We have people resurrecting the dead and bringing forth greatness in others and the people. I want to expand more leaders of great faith, like the Dalai Lama, Sri Krishna, Haile King Salasie, Maharishi Mahesh yogi, and many more. As we thank for the leaders we have know, those who are in our hearts and in our lives making an impact today with principles of even the smallest acts of kindness. Realizing everything counts! Being a positive symbol that even ordinary people can get caught up in world orders inhumanity. But, despite the testing of conditions, we should stay optimistic in spirit that magic will soon appear when beieving in it so. Where does our higher power of faith come from? How do we know things without proof? There’s magic in all of us truly, I believe we just have to nurture it in ways we have never thought. I suggest to keep an open mind to what may come, because greatness comes to those who plan for it. With that takes great action and the courage to put yourself out there. Keep in mind, that their are some things that do last. Such as Truth, Love, and moments kept away in time that will always be visited from lightyears of generations that have made such an impact in the lives of one, if not many. And that the things that drift or let go are of reason of growth. For if something is really meant to be, then it will come back some way or form.

The example of the boy and the tree. The tree was used for many things in its lifetime, with its bark, leaves, limbs, trunk! In the end, that tree lived a full life, of self sacrifice. In continuance of that same story, where much love and nurturing effort of great intentions of the trees loved ones, that tree stump grew out back a tree, with hard efforts of hope, faith and unconditional love.

In this world there will always be haters and spectators… many don’t really know what they’re talking about but I say… “kill them with kindness”. In the end, love will always over rule and rejoice. Its funny when people you think are your friends, don’t really show up, make the effort to call, or even worse if it would only be your own blood. But truly we, as one need to rise up from our mistakes and misconceptions that we are suppose to live a certain way. I know I’ve made my mistakes in life. Then again, maybe I haven’t made enough, to really live life to the fullest. But who are we to judge? We are not, we are all just being of light that shines through the cosmos of the universe. Guided my mystical beings, and symbols that initates who we are. What I find very interesting, is when someone say’s they’re a friend~ but does’nt act like it. When someone say’s “I do my job as a parent, I don’t hit my kids, and I feed them!”

Ahem! Excuse me I say.. “If you’re a parent, your supppose to feed your kids! A matter of fact, your suppose to feed your kids the most nutritious healthy meals that are GMO free and not garbage! And truly some kids need to get some lick’in, or some sort of punishment. Either it be time out, having certain things away from them they enjoy, or a smack on the wrist.

Kids truly know a day need to know respect. And where else better can a child learn respect? From their elders.

My background has been very hard growing up, but truly; I don’t wish nothing to be erased from it. It makes me who I am today.

Honestly, I was abused, emotionally; physically; mentally, financially, pshychologically, and very much verbally. Sometimes still from this day! But I learned to block and sheild myself from harmful distraction and learn to forgive very quickly and understand we as one, are all in our seperate journeys.

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