“Feeling the sweetness in my life.” By recognize the importance of your purpose and the opportunities, accomplishments, blessed people of your life. Life is a struggle that must be accepted. Making the right choices takes a great deal of courage. For example, of my courage is; leaving a passionate relationship which ideally was not healthy. There is no.reason for.anyone to.stay or.be a part of something they don’t “feel” harmonized with. If the shoe doesnt fit, dont force it. Life is suppose to be made.of.lessons and.gifts to be expressed and.cherished. While growing up trying to find.my interdependence, I was also asked to partake in being part of some elegant photography in magazines such as Playboy, Hustler, Bazaar, for a large amount of financial funds to be given. In.exchange of living and doing certain things I felt In my heart I would be seen as role model for others to view and learn to be inspired by my life story to be told. That money can’t buy happiness. As well my responsibility as to keep my temple of childlike innocence and.sacredly keeping my vision standing to be pure. With strong faith believing into our Father in Heaven, Our Mother of.All creation, here on earth in full acknowledgement of truth and dedication. By my cherished family I was blessed to be put into. With a host of angels guiding myself as well as others by an emotional intelligence. Plus protected power in one step closer how I love them for having me in this life, in hopes to live a life they as well as others be proud of… For myself, being a bit older, wiser and more humble, we have to look at the long terms of our purpose in life. The chosen family we have bestowed upon, which inheriting an old soul that all.of us are unified and interconnected in this web of life. Justified by our thoughts! So be careful on what you concentrate into because it soon will be or of it hasn’t yet toyour bestowed presence wrapped up to all you ever defined it to become!

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