Know Your Value As a Virtueous Women

Have confidence, I say “have real confidence!” but be playful, lovable.. yourself! Feel free to be compassionate, but open to have those you love *(your partner/children/friends) enter your heart.

Men like to prove there manhood. So let him feel like a man. (Let him open your door, say what he needs to say… even look at other women!)

Making him him feel incredibly valuable.. but first fall in love with yourself first… I say this because I have dated myself for quite some years. Which means I know myself and what I want in a relationship. I suggest you know yourself, before you expect others to know you!

Invite that person you love, or want to know, into your “world”. I say this from experience. Let him know your deep secrets.. But remember to always have a grip of who you are, without making him your world! You don’t want to lose yourself on the journey and your purpose.

My suggestion as a Libra/Scorpio, is to keep “balanced” in an unbalanced world. ┬áKeep your promises with your friends, family, love of your life, but remember we need to be authentic so if plans change down the road. Just use the right proper communication. You can see very far how far a relationship can go. By not only how one another speaks to each other and how they handle things, but what they do with there time and how they treat one another. Learn to get along! Keep, and protect your life given, and live it.

Be spontaneous, and create magical moments in where things are fun, have him or your children, come up with some of the ideas too.

Be playful, ask for surprises, we all love surprises…

Let him create things his own where he will feel more valued.

Use your words but allow him to know as a women, making him feel like a women, by a touch, by him making you feel happy.

If you let him know that you are of value, he will value you.

Ladies, I ask for you to consciously know that you are worth, waiting for. Worth to be recognized and most encouraged, nurtured by the one who choose to be close to you. Remember we need to hold accountable the actions which will lay ┬áresponsible with body, words, time of effort you put in. And always cherish the times together, with who ever your with. There’s no need to argue, or complain, with love all things are possible!

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