May everyday in our life be renewed by a new awakening… It takes a great deep source of bravery, to empower oneself.. for we are all universal creators, which we are able to create what we want.. *(my HIgher self tells EYE) “Quite going anywhere… and sit into your pain…” For in all things,  you can see progression… We need to move towards the movement of “not wanting”.

Wanting is the result of all suffering. All wanting is a form of propagating suffering… You cant cause anyone to not want something they do want… because no matter what anyone wants, there going to want what they want!

So help them get what they want!

If someone wants to be anything.. let them be! If someone wants to be a millionaire, help them, if someone wants to leave, let them go… if someone wants love, let them have it. Don’t resist that thing, it passes through over you…  Its a great risk with an internal peace, you can never go back… That is what it will feel like. The Universe knows if you don’t resist something, it can’t hurt you.   So help them get what they want!

Crying is a natural release, until we get broken of what we want. Running from our feelings is when we want something else… Not want what is… It’s when you get completely  broken open, beyond wanting the self, not want what is… the point when you.. you have no self abandonment, to end suffering, is not to go in the direction of joy, but to walk in the direction of ones own suffering. Its not a light process, let me prepare you! But it is so well worth it. Enjoy your journey to your spiritual destination. Believe in possibilities for great change. Remember you cannot change anyone.

When we become undone, and beyond the progression of thought. Realizing our real purpose and being authentic to oneself.

Why does one feel the pain when they get hit from a car? Because they are resisting the pain. “I am going to allow my pain.”

What happens when you start opening your hearts from feelings you were scared of feeling? Don’t change one thing, when you think you need to change anything you already put out there that you need healing! When that does not serve you by risking the feeling that there is something wrong? And needed to be healed, when your perfect already the way you are. You know when your ready for a new level of spirituality; when nothing your ever going to do, nothing your ever going to try, think, or be, is going to make you happy! You are abandoning yourself, if you are not feeling positive emotion. If you want wholeness then  you want oneness with yourself. Lets be completely real and authentic and find out some interesting things about our shadows. Allow yourself to get what you need. Next step is, no matter what you get from others, it doesn’t fill you up. Because you don’t give yourself what you need. Flip it on end.. and stop doing things for others to love you. Being present with yourself and with others. Not invalidating your feelings and your life, but being completely present. Not trying to change someones feelings but being responsible of your own. The absence of running away from yourself or changing the way you feel. Be completely present, even when you have any negative feelings, feel it, don’t escape your spiritual authenticity. You cant teach others this, you have to let others feel it their own way in their path.  Happiness does not stand close to the feet of “authenticity” being completely present in the NOW.

Until you let yourself ~ FEEL ~ everything, I mean ~ COMPLETELY EVERYTHING~, even your PDSD, everyone has PDSD, even if you have had the most amazing parents, the suppressed feeling from childhood and past, everyone has them. PDSD, projects itself in the now, so you can’t feel the now. Which we need to face our past experience, allow it to integrate. The NOW, is not something you can do, its something you undoing…. THE NOW, is the automatic bi-product of this process, of never abandoning yourself, no longer removing yourself. Being in your entirety, whatever it maybe, being within yourself, sit with yourself, surging into your now, integrating, completely going inward. Regardless how ugly or beautiful that is.. The now is completely the way it is… Letting yourself feel the way you want to feel, knowing there is no need for suffering.


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