12~21~2012, the day of supposable calamity and distraction of this new era! For this is a day through out all the days of the world we together should rejoice and be happy in it, for its my na~na’s birthday today. My grandmother, Natividad Guieb; a loving woman who has always nurtured and protected me through out the years.

12~12~2012 Which was my mothers birthday.

For my own birthday, not one present from my own mother and father or sisters! But I’m not here to complain but to say that life goes on! And its not filled with presents… but really being there.
From the pain, heartache and confusion, she has caused me. I can only forgive and look into this life that with many pain and sorry comes such joy with the little things in life. Cultivating and eating healthy. Spending time with loved ones who I cherish, making new friends and being a joy in other peoples lives.

There is a turmoil of some sort of great darkness in this world, I sense. Some may feel betrayal from the past, or even what may be currently living in their lives. Take a look and realize that pain and sorrow is feeling that is’nt bad. If one did’nt feel fear, pain, or hurt- there would be certainly something wrong. Its very important right know to teach compassion and forgiveness. For a dear friend of mine, had told me everyone gives up, someway. I did’nt and won’t believe in such a statement. I know of an amazing relationship that ended in such hurt and sorrow, as in many love stories go. This one has a tall tail of a love that was distined for greatness. With family and friends who defied the relationship, made their love they shared even more so passionate, and in some ways strong but yet very co-dependent on one another. Always together and never usually apart, they took heed of eachothers traits. It’s what happens when a bond takes place like so. Some people I know start even talking like one another, thinking the same! I say, its good to have your own idenity, and there is nothing wrong to have differences in life. But having an open communication and accepting the opinions of others is healthy. What is a life without love, without hurt and some resistance? Without recognition or the building up one another, prayer of a higher faith of love taking over. The relationship was in great need to step out of the darkness and gather support and nurishment from one another and fellow friends. This relationship grew weiry and weak. For accusations and tempermental harsh words, created weeds in their beautiful gardenn they’ve created.

For myself, looking into this~ I suggest my readers to learn from this and the many relationships around us, and truly.. take it slow, appreciate one another, enjoy eachothers precious momments, and build apon that. With trust, differences, acceptance, commitement. Love is about being there though the hard times, the real hard times, the times when you really may feel like you don’t want to, that is truly shows what true love is. May we not take anyone or anything for granted. Fogive those who have trestpassed and have done to us unjustly. Seek inspiration, a great power of our mind, an exillerating acceptional life, to share with others.

Some say why would you buy a car, without giving it a test drive! Because people and things are very different, love grows and is much more satisfying when two people are waiting for one another keeping it sacred and whole. But truly sometimes people fall short and make mistakes, maybe someone in the relationship fell into infidelity or mistrust. How do you fix that? With Gods love, with true faith and hard work, really. We as humans make mistakes we need to be more concious everyday in our efforts of bettering human kind. Eating right, thinking better, living more fulfilled in our daily lives. And really making an effort in showering those you love close and far, with unconditional love. For sometimes when you do love someone, only time and space can only help. I know it may hurt, when you just want to love that person and be around, but really, like any plant as we are from earth, need space to grow. Cultivate the soil, put your seeds of intentions in, make sure they’re spaced enough to grow… water it with love and prayer, sunlight and warmth. Checking up on your plants of harvest and don’t forget to do your weeding. REDEYE and SOIL came together in a beach clean up, yesterday and it was so eventful. The before and after pictures of all the trash that has been picked up and cleaned the days we were there. So proud! I was, to be part of this wonderful life, of a more cleaner, more beautiful life; we all share together. Realize that we should all pray for our ancestors and their mistakes. For the broken hearts and misunderstandings of the worldly order. May we do the best to learn from the past mistakes of history and even from the lives of others. May we as explorers of beauty and lifes solutions People complain everyday, about not having enough, or having relationship problems, people in the third world countries, would but really even in our own relationships are perpetuated in stiffness and a rigid attitude towards life. We are as one, Universal to that fact, people have different beliefs, but truly we all want the same thing. Peace, love and compassion for the next generation to take forth adn learn from, grasp our good deeds and the importance need to join forces and stay untied, work together in the fortifying the with unjust judgement from a love that has changed and moved me and will always be with me, in full gratitude.

There may be times that the stars are not aligned the what one wants. But be patient, my Friend, for there is a season for every reason. A cause for every pause. A magic that lies in wanting to correct and un-due things better, actually starts with oneself.

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