They say the end is coming! I say the beginning is yet to come. For those who search out darkness or turmoil… find just that. We we become what we stand firm in. I’ve been taught not to be gullible from strange interesting sights that may spark my interest. But to look at it from a distance to see clearly~ not to expect anything, but explore the possibilities of hidden truths, yet to be discovered.

I see many friends and people with unfound or known to themselves the gifts they bestow. Some spiritual, some physical, or mentally enhancing with profound gifts to have a gift of a seer. Some have mulitple gifts. Words and charm, that speak eloquantly and specifically very clearly understood to even a savage; unknown to its dwelling. Reading the body language of others, rather than the words that are spoken. We all come from a place not so differnt from the rest. We all want the same thing~ everyone wants to feel wanted and needed. To have a purpose and calling in life. May we not live in mundane situations, but live a life to be spoken and brought about to others as a successful legacy for others to be thankful for, as our guides and teachers before us.

We need to realize its not what you have that counts.. but what you, as a person, is putting their action and efforts in. Its not where you’ve been, but where you’re planning to go~ and forwarding to.

I take part in the efforts of showing small gestures of “kindness” to those whom impacted you. Some I know hold grudges from those they don’t even know. Unworldly, with their actions of what I consider showing the mannerism of “unconditional~love”.

If someone in your life has done something thoughtful or special for you, it is important that you show them that you are truly grateful. There are many ways to say thank you. But truly personalized appreciation gifts go that extra mile to show your appreciation for their kind deed. Give a gift of love, make it a prayer, a meal, flowers, sometimes it can just be a phone call or sometime spent with that special person. You don’t need to say it was even from you!

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