Facilitate Your Vibration

“THE FUTURE IS NOW” with our emotions leading to the unavoidable. What will need to happen, will happen… with the right attitude and guidance. Resonate to the most positive hopes in for the best, as we look onto others and see the dis~ease in their presence~ dis~appear! With the sound vibration of the rhythm of music that some of us does not hear with a human ear. Through sound vibrations resonating with the changes of consciousness, changing the the power of sustaining the deep powers of the mental and physical as well spiritual evolution as we percieve it.   What you will see is an awakening of consciousness that a feeling of great emotion trained and sharpened in skill set and technique of the dualities of waves that are images of time and healing that is happening before the followers of the word. Where chosen reinforced energy that is given a feeling of tones and meaning come together in languages of words and sounds that are expressed in a feeling that is expressed more deeply in the sweetness of life. Being humble is a building block to greatness.. To know how and when to take the stage and to always bless those who deserve recognition, where its rightfully referenced where its deserved. Acknowledge and do your best to understand the field that is more than just a technology, but the words and meaning that comes from ways of chants… like.. waassaaa.. meaning already happened.. already dying.. where the healing has already happened. Not that it is going to happen or will happen but has already happened that is a mirror that reflects our feeling of what were experiencing in the moment! The FEILD WILL REACT TO YOUR CONCLUSION.. “T.H.C” Whats your thesis, hypothesis, conclusion” . Redeye Connections is coming out with a brand new network…

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This aligned cosmos and the heavens, and stars, gathering together in the worthiness of the hard work of love and it’s magical works, it has provided. It takes more than an individuals minds eye to portray, the estimation of the hard working blue collared survive that is soon disepating…  doing ,,keeping away from temptation that tries to creep inside, into the paths of the less resisant that seek out to trie.  Sometimes their the meeker and seeker are different but the same. Walking straight like a contradiction, that no one seems to contain. But some of us guardians be uniquely uncharted, but powered with purpose divine Godhead holding the righteous safe and together to build it’s purpose of real selfless love.

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Good Friday 1st Friday Vibes

This aligned cosmos and the heavens, and stars, gathering together in the worthiness of the hard work of love and it’s magical works, it has provided. It takes more than an individuals minds eye to portray, the estimation of the hard working blue collared survive that is soon disepating…  doing ,,keeping away from temptation that tries to creep inside, into the paths of the less resisant that seek out to trie.  Sometimes their the meeker and seeker are different but the same. Walking straight like a contradiction, that no one seems to contain.

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Makua ~ “Pray for Sets” Beach Camping Trip- All-Sober-Fest October. 17th-19th

Are you ready for fun?  Head on out to join us for a weekend of camping, collaborating, body positivity, and more!  PLEASE RSVP at www.meetup.com/RedEyeConnections and let us know you’re coming.

For those that want to know what we are doing, here is our tentative itinerary- with MORE to come as we add event leaders, who are donating their time to make this event a success!  We are actively adding donations from places like Smokey’s Coffee (who doesn’t love Kava and coffee?!) ((Or their Belgian waffles?!?!)), and other great local shops.  If you want to donate, please contact us ASAP at 808-753-6491 to reach Charmane Valerio, CEO of the Aloha Spirit Foundation, a registered 501(c)3.



Campers Agenda


People start arriving at 4:30

Opening Ceremony @ 6:30

Lifeguard Swim Time

Dinner 6:45-8:30

Cut off Arrivals at 7:30

Smores 8:30-9:30

Sand Crab Hunting 8:30-9:30

Story Telling 8:30-9:30

Free time


Wake Up-6:00-7:00 with the sun!


Lifeguard Morning Swim


Dolphin Smart Kayaking/Kayak Check out: 8:30-12:30pm

Snorkeling/Swimming (weather dependent) There will be some equipment available to borrow.

Field Games

Arts and Crafts: 8:00-5:00

Talk Story Programing

Parent and Child sword play lessons

Arts and Crafts 1:00-6:30

Sustainability talk



Star Gazing

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Do the Harder Task 1st

“Feeling the sweetness in my life.” By recognize the importance of your purpose and the opportunities, accomplishments, blessed people of your life. Life is a struggle that must be accepted. Making the right choices takes a great deal of courage. For example, of my courage is; leaving a passionate relationship which ideally was not healthy. There is no.reason for.anyone to.stay or.be a part of something they don’t “feel” harmonized with. If the shoe doesnt fit, dont force it. Life is suppose to be made.of.lessons and.gifts to be expressed and.cherished. While growing up trying to find.my interdependence, I was also asked to partake in being part of some elegant photography in magazines such as Playboy, Hustler, Bazaar, for a large amount of financial funds to be given. In.exchange of living and doing certain things I felt In my heart I would be seen as role model for others to view and learn to be inspired by my life story to be told. That money can’t buy happiness. As well my responsibility as to keep my temple of childlike innocence and.sacredly keeping my vision standing to be pure. With strong faith believing into our Father in Heaven, Our Mother of.All creation, here on earth in full acknowledgement of truth and dedication. By my cherished family I was blessed to be put into. With a host of angels guiding myself as well as others by an emotional intelligence. Plus protected power in one step closer how I love them for having me in this life, in hopes to live a life they as well as others be proud of… For myself, being a bit older, wiser and more humble, we have to look at the long terms of our purpose in life. The chosen family we have bestowed upon, which inheriting an old soul that all.of us are unified and interconnected in this web of life. Justified by our thoughts! So be careful on what you concentrate into because it soon will be or of it hasn’t yet toyour bestowed presence wrapped up to all you ever defined it to become!

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Accept This Moment (*)

May everyday in our life be renewed by a new awakening… It takes a great deep source of bravery, to empower oneself.. for we are all universal creators, which we are able to create what we want.. *(my HIgher self tells EYE) “Quite going anywhere… and sit into your pain…” For in all things,  you can see progression… We need to move towards the movement of “not wanting”.

Wanting is the result of all suffering. All wanting is a form of propagating suffering… You cant cause anyone to not want something they do want… because no matter what anyone wants, there going to want what they want!

So help them get what they want!

If someone wants to be anything.. let them be! If someone wants to be a millionaire, help them, if someone wants to leave, let them go… if someone wants love, let them have it. Don’t resist that thing, it passes through over you…  Its a great risk with an internal peace, you can never go back… That is what it will feel like. The Universe knows if you don’t resist something, it can’t hurt you.   So help them get what they want!

Crying is a natural release, until we get broken of what we want. Running from our feelings is when we want something else… Not want what is… It’s when you get completely  broken open, beyond wanting the self, not want what is… the point when you.. you have no self abandonment, to end suffering, is not to go in the direction of joy, but to walk in the direction of ones own suffering. Its not a light process, let me prepare you! But it is so well worth it. Enjoy your journey to your spiritual destination. Believe in possibilities for great change. Remember you cannot change anyone.

When we become undone, and beyond the progression of thought. Realizing our real purpose and being authentic to oneself.

Why does one feel the pain when they get hit from a car? Because they are resisting the pain. “I am going to allow my pain.”

What happens when you start opening your hearts from feelings you were scared of feeling? Don’t change one thing, when you think you need to change anything you already put out there that you need healing! When that does not serve you by risking the feeling that there is something wrong? And needed to be healed, when your perfect already the way you are. You know when your ready for a new level of spirituality; when nothing your ever going to do, nothing your ever going to try, think, or be, is going to make you happy! You are abandoning yourself, if you are not feeling positive emotion. If you want wholeness then  you want oneness with yourself. Lets be completely real and authentic and find out some interesting things about our shadows. Allow yourself to get what you need. Next step is, no matter what you get from others, it doesn’t fill you up. Because you don’t give yourself what you need. Flip it on end.. and stop doing things for others to love you. Being present with yourself and with others. Not invalidating your feelings and your life, but being completely present. Not trying to change someones feelings but being responsible of your own. The absence of running away from yourself or changing the way you feel. Be completely present, even when you have any negative feelings, feel it, don’t escape your spiritual authenticity. You cant teach others this, you have to let others feel it their own way in their path.  Happiness does not stand close to the feet of “authenticity” being completely present in the NOW.

Until you let yourself ~ FEEL ~ everything, I mean ~ COMPLETELY EVERYTHING~, even your PDSD, everyone has PDSD, even if you have had the most amazing parents, the suppressed feeling from childhood and past, everyone has them. PDSD, projects itself in the now, so you can’t feel the now. Which we need to face our past experience, allow it to integrate. The NOW, is not something you can do, its something you undoing…. THE NOW, is the automatic bi-product of this process, of never abandoning yourself, no longer removing yourself. Being in your entirety, whatever it maybe, being within yourself, sit with yourself, surging into your now, integrating, completely going inward. Regardless how ugly or beautiful that is.. The now is completely the way it is… Letting yourself feel the way you want to feel, knowing there is no need for suffering.


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Advice for Women

Know Your Value As a Virtueous Women

Have confidence, I say “have real confidence!” but be playful, lovable.. yourself! Feel free to be compassionate, but open to have those you love *(your partner/children/friends) enter your heart.

Men like to prove there manhood. So let him feel like a man. (Let him open your door, say what he needs to say… even look at other women!)

Making him him feel incredibly valuable.. but first fall in love with yourself first… I say this because I have dated myself for quite some years. Which means I know myself and what I want in a relationship. I suggest you know yourself, before you expect others to know you!

Invite that person you love, or want to know, into your “world”. I say this from experience. Let him know your deep secrets.. But remember to always have a grip of who you are, without making him your world! You don’t want to lose yourself on the journey and your purpose.

My suggestion as a Libra/Scorpio, is to keep “balanced” in an unbalanced world.  Keep your promises with your friends, family, love of your life, but remember we need to be authentic so if plans change down the road. Just use the right proper communication. You can see very far how far a relationship can go. By not only how one another speaks to each other and how they handle things, but what they do with there time and how they treat one another. Learn to get along! Keep, and protect your life given, and live it.

Be spontaneous, and create magical moments in where things are fun, have him or your children, come up with some of the ideas too.

Be playful, ask for surprises, we all love surprises…

Let him create things his own where he will feel more valued.

Use your words but allow him to know as a women, making him feel like a women, by a touch, by him making you feel happy.

If you let him know that you are of value, he will value you.

Ladies, I ask for you to consciously know that you are worth, waiting for. Worth to be recognized and most encouraged, nurtured by the one who choose to be close to you. Remember we need to hold accountable the actions which will lay  responsible with body, words, time of effort you put in. And always cherish the times together, with who ever your with. There’s no need to argue, or complain, with love all things are possible!

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Stand Still & Be At Peace

This blog goes to all my brothers and sisters. If you know me, I’m all about the SOURCE of LOVE & WISDOM. We as Gods and Goddess, need to acknowledge our power, and also be responsible of our power and not misuse or be foolish towards the focus. The question I have asked myself is how to be in the right relationship with others, within my divinity, within myself as a valued being of light and love? How to be more considerate, more loving, sincere, genuine, and more than anything its important to be our divine selves. First its important to be clear what type of relationship you are in? Keep in mind, that you can only sabotage yourself by culitvating and not weeding out, negitive feelings from ideas that sometimes are put into your head from static is what I call them, interference of worldly conversations, things and of the media. We need to start with the heart, where it grows up to the head, sprouting into infinity. It is so important to stay calm and collected, when trouble arises.  All these little things become big things… but lets keep it positive, keep it simple. In love, I do not agree with holding back in love. How about all the games that people play! Do they have to be that logical and flowful? Truthfully, it does’nt matter if your partner is with someone else. It does’nt matter when it comes from love. When you first fall in love with someone, you dont think of the obstacles, love comes first. You need to realize that when there is fear, it takes courage to do what is right. And dont please your partner because your asking for something in return, but because you want to. People try to over compensate something from the past that has not been given. For myself, I had to aknowledge that I felt unloved and  have not recieved enough attention. Which gives me a chance to change for the better, to offer a great relationship with my children, and my relationships. You and I have your own life, which no one is responsible for your happiness.. Say; and know “I am complete, I am perfect the way I am, natural and strong within my center.”

Here are some great examples I can give you to recite:

“Money comes to Me”

“I am Loving and Faithful, Considerate and Kind to myself and Others.”

“I am a unique blend, with specail gifts.”

“I am super charged with the power to what I chose which is right for the Universe”

“I am protected and guided with a rainbow of love, which bridges me to my goals, desires and dreams.”

“I am Here to Make a Positive Difference I surround myself with”

“I am grateful, and those around me are  grateful for my existence and my relationships I connect with in a deep level of trust.”

“I am the violet flame, calling my partners name, here and now, I am safe and sound, protecting my steps in devotion, I hold up my Crown…”

“I am blessed, and bless others with my smile, my joy and my contributions”

“I am going to have a wonderful day, a wonderful life to share; leaving a legacy of my lifes creation, created for love, not money, for my soul purposeful family…”

“I am strong and decerning and hold my power”

“I am on the road to success.”

“I am pure, clear and cleanse each morning I wake, anew life is given, a new mindset, a larger heart which has grown, a stronger spirit that soars, and dances with the angles..”

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New RedEye Styles Coming

 charmanes attic process

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Reflect and Redefine Yourself

In its divine time, it will show its light that will soon take place for the seeds of the earth to sprout into the fertile soil of human existence. From words of discernment, it now time to catch up to the maturity, to do what is rightly profound! Which will ripple to its magnetude to greatness in its natural state, which will be most appealing in a personal level of true virtue, and passion easily connecting with others in all levels. It is easy to emote  and give peace of mind, distinguishing the level of negitive or positive words through controling the minds eye to present corectly, in clear communications, objectively,  into each new perfect example we can focus on.

So live a life which is deserving, my conciouosness smacs me with descipline, holding me accountable with the multiple the respect and long life for those who live a walk and a life of righteousness and true contribution. Putting your whole life into perspective! For your life is about the journey and the relationships. Hone in your soul of what it needs. Search what lights your fire. Being alligned with spirit. Bringing more light into your life.

I want to thank you for sharing your effort of love in this journey with us here at REDEYE CONNECTIONS.*

We need to be diliberately let things go that are draining and  create opportunities in your life that will make positive choices that is so worthy of sharing…

Expect the unexpected. Remember your soul has a much better plan for you. Feel joyous and excited about where you are. Leave the guilt and leave what is not serving you. Nurture yourself and give that time you need to take care of yourself and the relationships you love.

Open your hearts,

Charmane Valerio

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